If I had been born 100 years earlier…

I have posted a new outfit in my gallery – a 1912 ensemble for Arizona’s 100th birthday! (Click the picture to go see more)


6 Comments to “If I had been born 100 years earlier…”

  1. This picture is beatiful! You can definitely pull that look off!

  2. Stunning photo!

  3. Ditto: GORGEOUS pics of you. Not to mention the entire outfit is beautiful. 😉 You do such lovely work Jordan.

  4. It fits! I’ll never be as pretty as you, but I have a lovely outfit anyway. Glad we’re so similar in size so we can both enjoy wearing this!! thanks so much…can’t wait to wear tomorrow at Ft Lowell celebration.
    love, mom

    P.S. I don’t get photo credit for holding the flash while standing on a steep hill of dirt in the cold???? It was my pleasure 🙂 Glad God gave us a super sunset–He gets photo credit too!

  5. I love the picture, Jordan! 🙂

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