On Tuesday, the day before my 20th birthday, I got my hair cut.

Here’s the before picture with my long braids. Unbraided it reached tailbone, as you can almost see in the second picture which was taken in April when it was an inch shorter.

Here it is after. It’s now elbow length, which is just shy of my waist, and the ends aren’t split and tangly! I also got face-framing layers to help blend the hair that’s growing back after the great shed of 2011.

Quinn of The Source did my cut. I also let him style it – this is not my normal texture, if you hadn’t noticed 😉 I’m loving it!

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One Comment to “Haircut!”

  1. Yo Jordan! I know I should have done this earlier, but i just started to follow your blogs. (both of them, by accident :D) And I noticed how beautiful your hair was at Moriah’s ceramony. Layers in front are very awesome, and I really want to get some myself too! (probablem is, that my hair is thin everywhere, especially the front :3) Can’t wait to see posts now and then!

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