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May 10, 2012

Spindle Spinning

These are the first hanks I made. I spun the dark wool first, but waited until the tan llama was ready to set. Then I wound them into hanks and “set” the twist using hot water and a few good “thwaks”.

After that I started spinning this gorgeous Chamomile Connection merino/seacell top that was hand dyed. Moriah picked it out and she will be the one to crochet it into something.

Here is the full cop of singles next to my nostepin. I have since plied and set the yarn. I’ll need to add a picture of the finished product!

This is kid mohair with a touch of milk fiber. It’s beautiful stuff from Kathy Withers. I bought it from her right before the ranch moved out of AZ.

Here is the same yarn wound onto my nostepin. I think this pictures shows the colors truer.