An update on Nissa and her friends

If you don’t know who Nissa is, please go read the beginning of her story!

Last month a group from Tucson went back to the orphanage in Burundi and brought with them some “Nissa dresses” made by Reach Out for the girls! The picture above is of Nissa (in the middle). The little one in the red dress is her sister.

Here are some of the orphans with a friend from the states.

Some more of the girls in their dresses.

This picture is so beautiful to me. Standing on the platform are three of the people from Tucson.

I haven’t gotten a full report on the trip yet, just pictures, so I can’t really tell you anything more about how the girls are doing.

Thank you to all the girls who helped make these dresses! I’m sure we’ll be making more later this year.

Some more good news—the Nissa dress ePattern is now available! All the proceeds from the sale of the pattern go to Nissa’s orphanage. Visit


2 Responses to “An update on Nissa and her friends”

  1. I really enjoyed this post. May God bless this project!


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