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July 20, 2011

Disbelief (Writing prompt)

I hope you’re not getting tired of reading my entries in the Go Teen Writers prompt contest! Here’s the latest:

I turned on the light, then blinked in disbelief. My brother had been gone for so long, and now here he was sitting on Mama’s feed sack quilt!

“Rick! You’re home!”

I climbed on the bed and wrapped my arms around him. Then I noticed his empty sleeve. I touched it and frowned.

“A Japanese bullet took it. It’s lucky it wasn’t just a few inches to the right.” He traced his finger over to the place near his heart.

“God brought you home safe.” I put the sleeve around my shoulders.

He stared at the hand he had left. “Why me and not Warren?”

This time two judges gave me 2nd place. I’m still #1 overall!