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March 28, 2011

Daniel, on our garden

Guest post today by my 5-year-old brother, Daniel, who loves our garden (he took all the pictures and dictated this post! I edited it only slightly to cut out the conversations he was having at the same time with other sister and brother) 🙂

These pansies are pretty!

I took the picture of garlic because it tastes good.

A barrio garden is a place where you hang out and there’s lots of plants and sometime you can eat in them. I like the name of this plant. I like the name Salvia, so I took a picture of it.

I have had oranges from this tree, but not today or any other day right before this and close by on the calendar, but I have got oranges from this tree.

I like our garden because the plants are beautiful and they taste yummy!

I liked taking the pictures and writing the post because I love it and because it’s fun! Thank you for reading it.