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October 11, 2011

An Irish Lassie in Delicias, Mexico

The Go Teen Writers prompt contest is back! This time the rules we’re a bit different. Instead of getting the first sentence, we got the last sentence – the ”hook”. It was hard, but I still entered.

It’s hard to go unnoticed in Delicias, Mexico when you look like an Irish lassie. I forget I look different, but occasionally I’m reminded.

I was shopping with Pepito as my escort when a gringo addressed me.

“Ma’am, please come with me.”

I processed the unfamiliar English words slowly. The Spanish chatter surrounding me was more comfortable now than my old language. Pepito put his protective hand on my shoulder and we turned away from the stranger. But he followed and placed his pale hand on my other shoulder. Pepito removed his and balled it into a fist.

The chances of this ending well, I realized, were not good.

One of the judges gave me an honorable mention, which means no points 😦 but I’m maintaining my 2nd place position on the leader board anyway.

This is a clear case of taking inspiration from real life. I look like an Irish lassie myself, but speak Spanish. Sometimes, when I’m surrounded by Spanish, it can be hard to even think in English. And that’s where I got the idea for this prompt!

May 16, 2011

La historia de Noé (or, My Amazing Spanish Students)

Being unable to embed the video, you will have to follow this link:

These students have only taken Spanish classes once a week during the past school year. I use the TPR method, which is amazing, as you can see by how much they learned. I did not require the students with many lines to memorize all of them, but most did anyway (the overachievers! 😉 )

Please tell me if I am biased in saying that they did an amazing job!

(PS, I wrote the script with the help of my students and assistant teacher, Señor Rafael)