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December 17, 2011

Will someone be there to catch him?

A friend of my mom recommended her niece’s blog and I have found it to be so inspiring!

This picture, and the post surrounding it caught my attention.

an orphan jumping into "uncle's" arms

The children in this orphanage in Uganda lack so much that we take for granted. Until they came to the orphanage, they lacked the bare necessities – a home, a bed, food.

But even now that they have those things, they still lack a forever family.

When I saw this picture and read about how the children could not trust “uncle” to catch them, even though they wanted to jump so badly, it drove this truth home. After all, isn’t that the most simple illustration of trust that there is – a child jumping into his daddy’s arms? Yet these orphans have no one they can trust.

Who will catch him when he jumps?
Will someone be there when she falls?

God designed children to be raised by parents. Parents who love them, parents who care for them, parents they can trust.

Every child needs a forever family.

Will you catch him? Will you be there for her?

November 23, 2011

Another Picture from the Make It With Wool competition

First place Senior Seamstress and First place Junior Crocheter!

I still don’t have a good picture of the back of my entry to show the lacing, but that will come… 🙂

I also won third place in my division with my 1870 traveling dress!

November 22, 2011

American Heritage Festival weekend

I had a wonderful weekend in Queen Creek full of friends, fun and history!

I was able to be a part of the “first impressions team” on Friday (school day) when we had thousands of schoolchildren come through. Elizabeth and Melissa did the tour, and I helped keep the groups organized.

Saturday I spent mainly with Elizabeth of Rapunzels Resource and other friends.
Elizabeth of rapunzel's resource doing my hair

My family (all but mom) came and joined me on Sunday. The boys have new outfits, which I hope will be featured in my gallery very soon. I also remade one of Moriah’s dresses to fit Bethany.

I spent the night Friday and Saturday at the home of a reenacting family. Their youngest daughter taught me to milk goats, so I helped out. My corset really helped to stabilize my back while I milked 🙂
Milking a goat in 1860 civil war dress and shawl

August 2, 2011

Pot Pie; the Chicken « Riahs Random Ramblings

My chicken Pot Pie was interviewed on my sister’t blog today!

My chicken Pot Pie (on the right) was interviewed on my sister's blog!

Pot Pie; the Chicken « Riahs Random Ramblings.

June 19, 2011

Thanks Dad!

Thanks, Dad,
for loving mom
and caring for her faithfully
in sickness and in health

Thanks, Dad,
for working hard
to provide for your family
yet not working so hard
that you don’t provide what your family really needs

Thanks, Dad,
for making it clear
through your actions and words
that you count your children as blessings

Thanks, Dad,
for supporting me
when even I think my ideas are crazy

And thanks, Dad,
most of all
for teaching me
about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
and His Father
and the Holy Spirit
Our Great and Glorious God