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March 21, 2012

$45K in 45 days

It is more blessed to give than to recieve. This is something my dad understands, which is why for his 45th birthday he wants to give a gift to children who have essentially nothing.

He and Moriah, my younger sister, visited these children two years ago and were changed forever. Each day from now until April 29 dad will be posting a glimpse into life at God’s House of Grace.

Please spread the word (pinterest, twitter, facebook, blog…) and consider donating. Just $1 can change a child’s life for the better.

via $45K in 45 days.

November 29, 2011

I wrote a novel!

Well, sort of… I have written 50,000 words since November 1, and in so doing, I have begun a new novel. The story isn’t quite finished, but it will be soon! Then the editing process begins. 😛 😉

I even finished a day early by writing 7000 words today to catch up. I missed writing days because of the Make It With Wool/American Heritage Festival trip. (If you write every day for 30 days, you can reach the 50,000 word goal by writing 1,667 words each day)

November 22, 2011

American Heritage Festival weekend

I had a wonderful weekend in Queen Creek full of friends, fun and history!

I was able to be a part of the “first impressions team” on Friday (school day) when we had thousands of schoolchildren come through. Elizabeth and Melissa did the tour, and I helped keep the groups organized.

Saturday I spent mainly with Elizabeth of Rapunzels Resource and other friends.
Elizabeth of rapunzel's resource doing my hair

My family (all but mom) came and joined me on Sunday. The boys have new outfits, which I hope will be featured in my gallery very soon. I also remade one of Moriah’s dresses to fit Bethany.

I spent the night Friday and Saturday at the home of a reenacting family. Their youngest daughter taught me to milk goats, so I helped out. My corset really helped to stabilize my back while I milked 🙂
Milking a goat in 1860 civil war dress and shawl

February 1, 2011

30 yards in 30 days!

I checked off another goal! I used 30 yards of fabric in 30 days… Well, actually more. 31 yards with another 5 or so cut out or otherwise in progress. I think my mom is secretly disappointed. If I wouldn’t have finished today, I would have had to keep trying, thus getting rid of even more! 😉 not that I’ll stop now, I’m kind of on a roll!

I also did part one of 12 from another goal: I posted a recipe on CreativeNourishment the goal is to post one a month! (I’m also hoping to develop the site some more, making it easier to find your way around)

One last thing…tomorrow and the next day Moriah and I are going to the UofA campus to volunteer with Justice For All’s abortion exhibit. Please pray for us and everyone involved, including the students who will be seeing the exhibit. I’m very excited to be doing this, but it’s only with God’s help that I’ll do any good. I’ll be sure to update afterwards!

January 17, 2011

Zibbet shop – up and running!

Another goal checked off! I have seven listings. Please go check it out (click on the banner below) and let me know what you think!

Many thanks to Moriah for the beautiful photography of my products!