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May 4, 2011

June Bug by Chris Fabry – book review

June Bug cover image

I believed everything my daddy told me until I walked into Walmart and saw my picture on a poster….

She may only be nine years old, but she’s already experienced more tragedy than any child should have to. June Bug loves her daddy. He’s taken care of her forever…right?

June Bug is the second book in the Dogwood trilogy, but at the same time, stands alone. It is packed with mystery, complicated relationships and endearing characters. The trilogy deals with difficult and complicated issues, so these are definitely adult books. Young adults may find them readable, with parental discretion.

Chris Fabry’s writing is rich, just take a look at his blog. Now, imagine if he spent days, weeks, perhaps months refining that blog post, injecting it with emotion, hidden backstory and suspense. That’s the kind of writing you get in his novels. I would highly recommend Mr. Fabry’s books.

Full disclosure — The reason I was exposed to Chris Fabry’s writing is that his family recently moved to our area. However, it is not the reason I like it so much! I honestly think he is an amazing writer. 🙂

PS you might want to visit to check out his other books and the awards he has received for them!

March 29, 2011

Chosen again!

I placed again in the Go Teen Writers writing prompt contest! One judge selected my entry for first place, another for third place and the last judge gave me an honorable mention! So, without further ado…

When he heard the voice on the other end of the line, he knew he shouldn’t have answered the phone.

“David!” His wife’s voice sparkled like the ocean surrounding him. “I have spectacular news! I want to tell you face-to-face, so please bring the boat in early.” Her pitch swelled, implying a question.

“Beth, I don’t think…” the words drifted away. He stood up with the vague hope that assuming the posture of a strong sea captain would help him take command of the situation, but the unsteady roll of the deck only echoed the uneasiness that had tormented him for days.

“I won’t be coming home tonight.” His voice was as cold and bitter as seawater.

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March 21, 2011

C. S. Lewis’ Master, George MacDonald

With poems that go on for pages, and vibrant descriptions of things that cannot be described, George MacDonald was a masterful man. In his fairy story, “The Light Princess” he describes the life of a girl cursed with weightlessness. (And it is worth noting that MacDonald lived in the 1800s, before such a thing had been experienced.)

I may here remark that it was very amusing to see her run, if her mode of progression could properly be called running. For first she would make a bound; then, having alighted, she would run a few steps, and make another bound. Sometimes she would fancy she had reached the ground before she actually had, and her feet would go backwards and forwards, running upon nothing at all, like those of a chicken on its back. Then she would laugh like the very spirit of fun; only in her laugh there was something missing. What it was, I find myself unable to describe. I think it was a certain tone, depending upon the possibility of sorrow—morbidezza, perhaps. She never smiled —George MacDonald, The Light Princess

And as you may have noticed, the curse was not only on her physical being, but her entire self and personality. She was, in all senses, light. Light-hearted, light-minded and so on. Surely, Mr. MacDonald’s creativity knew no bounds!

I regard George MacDonald as my master. —C. S. Lewis

In the book, At the Back of the North Wind, MacDonald often reminds me of Lewis. For example, Diamond thinks he has been away from home for a hundred years, when really, it has only been days. (Similarly, in Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the children live in Narnia until adulthood, then find themselves back in England, children again.)

Like Lewis, MacDonald wrote books on Theology, alongside his fiction. Then again, his fiction is nearly as full of Theology as his books written solely on the subject! In one conversation that the boy Diamond has with The North Wind herself, a biblical understanding of God’s absolute sovereignty is described in a much more understandable way than I have ever heard before. Perhaps a part of it is that the child accepts what she is saying to him in simple faith, understanding only on the level of a child, the humble position from which God wants us to listen to His Truth.

I shall end with a quote from the master, which sums up my thoughts on this little attempt to share about Mr. MacDonald…

I must not go on describing what cannot be described, for nothing is more wearisome. —George MacDonald, At the Back of the North Wind

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January 24, 2011

If aliens came to earth and asked you to show them the most beautiful thing…

…what would you show them?

My five-year-old brother’s answer? “my sisters!” (no prompting whatsoever)

January 13, 2011

A Symposium on Manhood and Babies

From Vision Forum’s “Baby Conference”

*This is meant to whet your appetite, and to highlight some things that stood out to me, but not to be a complete summary of the session. If you have questions about the context of something I quote, please feel free to ask in the comments!*

Doug Philips and Jim Bob Duggar both spoke in this session.

Mr. Philips opened up with Psalm 128. He pointed out that the location of blessing for a man who fears the Lord is the household- a fruitful wife and many children. The centerpiece is the family, and the meal table, where everyone pauses to be together. He points out that this psalm is basically an amplification of the 5th commandment.

The key point of Mr. Philips’ message is that babies and marriage make men! It reminds me of what Mr. Baucham said when he came to the Arizona Homeschool convention. His last year of college, when he had a wife and baby, was the most productive year ever, because he had strong motivation at home.

Mr. Duggar offered very applicable advice. He pointed out that the power of sin is secrecy, and how important accountability is. His mother often said, “show me your friends and I will show you your future.” He wondered aloud why christians would want to look like the world in order to reach the world, after all, the world isn’t happy with what they’ve got – they’re looking for something different and better, why are we afraid to show it to them?

During the question and answer time at the end, Mr. Duggar shared something from friend who had gone through some major difficulties. He said that God’s will is what we would have chosen if we knew all the facts.