My Twinn dolls for sale

Edited to reduce prices and remove sold dolls

A while back a doll collector friend of mine passed away. The dolls you are about to meet are now orphaned and looking for new homes.

This is Cookie.

Cookie is a little girl – she has a non-posable “cuddly sister” body. She loves to be hugged and to sit on laps. She wears a brown wig with pig tails, which I can permanently attach (or replace*) if the person who adopts her would like. Otherwise, this wig can be changed out. Cookie has no eyelashes to adorn her pale blue eyes, but I can give her false ones.

Adoption Fee: $40

This is Caitie.

Caitie is a fashionista. If you explore my website you will find many pictures of her in different wigs and dresses. Her current stawberry-blonde wig is not permanently attached (if it was, she couldn’t change it*, and where would the fun be in that?). Her upper lashes are blonde and eyes are gray. Her joints are not creaky or squeaky.

Adoption Fee: $50

This is Lenora.

Lenora is a sweet little quiet thing. In fact, we found her long after the other girls. Her beautiful brown curls are permanently attached and she has long, dark upper and lower lashes adorning her deep blue eyes. Lenora has the darkest skin tone of all of the girls. Her joints are not squeaky or creaky. She doesn’t like to wear shoes, and so didn’t for the picture, but a pair will be included.

Adoption Fee: $75

*I have a number of other wigs. Inquire if you would be interested in another color/length/style.

The best way to contact me is through the comment section. Since all comments are moderated, your inquiries will be private–I won’t publish them publicly here.

Oh, and one last thing. I have handmade dresses that fit these dolls in my shop!

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2 Comments to “My Twinn dolls for sale”

  1. What beautiful “ladies”! I trust they will all find good homes.

  2. Lois & Danielle have arrived. They are even more lovely than their pictures. I could tell you had packed them with much care. Thank you so much for these beautiful girls, Cathy

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