Make It With Wool … and Win!

The winning dress and scarfThe Make it With Wool competition is an excellent opportunity to stretch your skills, whether you are a preteen new to sewing or an experienced professional. I have been entering for three years, and between the motivation to make something that looks great on the runway and the feedback from the judges, I have learned so much!

Last November I won first place in the Senior division at the State level. In addition to sewing supplies and a cash prize, I got an all-expense paid trip to compete in the national competition two months later.

That weekend in Scottsdale was full of new friends; there were 59 young people who are as passionate about sewing as I am. One of my roommates was the fashion design winner last year, and I got to spend the last evening with the 2011 National Senior and Junior ambassadors.

As I plan my entry for this coming November, I think of all the spectacular garments parading across the runway and am immediately inspired to make something that take me to the national competition again. This year, the semi-finalists will compete in Dallas, TX.

The competition is not limited to young people! There is an adult division as well. Rules for all the divisions may be found on the websites below.

National website:
State website:


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