Walks Alone cover mock-up

Remember the 1870 dress that I made? You can now see the mock-up for the cover featuring it here!

The back cover will have a picture showing the dress details better 🙂


3 Comments to “Walks Alone cover mock-up”

  1. Jordan, did you send the corset she’s wearing? Is that your twisted corset?

    • Yes it is! Did I tell you why it twists? It’s a grain line issue. To fix it, you cut every other section “nap up” or “nap down”. Unfortunately, I learned this right after I made it. 😉

      • Yeah, I remember you telling me that. I saw the picture and chuckled, because the corset looked familiar. The cover looks great, it’s a shame you can’t see more of the dress on it, though. Congratulations on a fantastic project!!!

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