Were there garage sales in the early 1900s?

For my purposes there were! Here is my most recent entry to Go Teen Writers:

When I saw what they’d brought home from the garage sale, I rolled my eyes. More bicycle parts to litter our garage. Even though I knew what I’d find, curiosity dragged me into their “shop” to see whose bike they were fixing this time.

I slipped through the door and stifled a gasp. My brothers were absorbed in adding the newly acquired parts to a strange contraption filling the floor.

“I think we’re ready to test it, Orville.” Wilbur scrubbed at the grease on his hands. “I’ll check the wind.”

My brother charged toward the door and paused when he saw me.

“How’d you like to watch this machine fly, Katharine?”

Not that it’s all that great…it didn’t win this time.

Some fun facts that I learned while writing this…
The Wright brothers had a younger sister named Katharine who was quite interested in their work. She assisted them in their businesses.

The brothers did own a bicycle repair business before building airplanes, but (unlike what I imply in my story) they were adults when they started that business.


2 Comments to “Were there garage sales in the early 1900s?”

  1. I liked it anyway!

  2. What a creative place to start to tell a story! I’d like to know what happens “next”. I didn’t know the Wright brothers had a sister – there’s LOTS of potential for stories in that fact …

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