of houses and homes…

The question has been asked

What makes a house a home?

But I have been wondering, what makes my house my home?

My house is not so large and spacious as some – it’s cozier than those. Yet, it is not so small and cozy as others – it has more room for activity.

    Is it the size that makes my house a comfortable home to me?

My house is brimming with beautiful things, like books and balls, fabrics and foods. But other houses are even more full of these frivolities.

    Can it be the things in a house that make it a home?

My house is rarely quiet. My sisters sing and tell stories while my brothers drum on tables and beg to be read to.

    Perhaps it is the joyful sounds it holds that makes a house a home.

My house is home to Mother and Father, sisters and brothers. Many houses are homes to families, but my house is home to my family.

    For it is the people who call a house a home that make it so.

One Comment to “of houses and homes…”

  1. Very true…and well told.

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