La historia de Noé (or, My Amazing Spanish Students)

Being unable to embed the video, you will have to follow this link:

These students have only taken Spanish classes once a week during the past school year. I use the TPR method, which is amazing, as you can see by how much they learned. I did not require the students with many lines to memorize all of them, but most did anyway (the overachievers! 😉 )

Please tell me if I am biased in saying that they did an amazing job!

(PS, I wrote the script with the help of my students and assistant teacher, Señor Rafael)


2 Comments to “La historia de Noé (or, My Amazing Spanish Students)”

  1. I posted a note on my FaceBook account. I’m so proud of you…what a great program. And you can see how much fun the students were having. They were all involved and loving it. Way to go, Jordan!!!

    Con amor,


  2. Wish I could have been there! Seemed like a deligtful play, full of laughs. Even I got most of the message, altho’ papa needed some translation here and there. (So do I). I so very proud of you for directing. This could be just the beginning of an exciting career:)
    Love, MeMa

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