Sock Hop!

Yesterday we all dressed up and went to a Sock Hop! Having neither Keds nor hair short enough for a ponytail, I went for a more “Audrey Hepburn” look with updo and kitten heels. I made my outfit years ago, using a pattern published in the fifties.

I made Moriah’s skirt this week, since she’s been needing one of this color and style anyway. She took inspiration for her hairstyle from our grandma’s engagement picture (Unfortunately we couldn’t get the cute “flip” with her curls).

We’ve had the poodle skirt that Bethany is wearing ever since it was too big for me! That paired with the saddle shoes and sleek ponytail makes her quite the cute Bobby Soxer!

Mom had fun too! She borrowed the scarf from her mother which was made her outfit perfect! She’s also the only one with 1950s bangs.


2 Comments to “Sock Hop!”

  1. Cool, man, cool!!!

    BTW–loved the photo [that your dad sent] of Jo and Mo doing the New Yorker step…

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