Just Four Years…

It had been 4 years, and still the memory lingered. Tracing my daughter’s perfect features with my fingertips the first time I held her. Imagining the beautiful woman she would become.

She is growing more beautiful, I thought as I watched her laugh and dance in the grass.

All I could muster was a weak smile when she skipped to me. As she slid my scarf off to stroke and kiss my bald head, I savored the sweet scent of the flowers woven into her hair. Tears filled my eyes.

Please, God, is 4 more years too much to ask?

Once again, I have placed in the Go Teen Writers prompt contest! This time, I received votes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I don’t think anyone has yet received three winning votes on any one prompt!

Now for the big news… I am now in first place overall!! Wow, I am truly amazed. I have learned so much from the feedback I have received from the judges of this contest, and listening has really paid off!

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5 Comments to “Just Four Years…”


  2. I love this one! Keep it up…you can do it!



  3. Your entry was awesome, Jordan. Congratulations!

  4. This is amazing. I keep reading it over and over. It is so touching and beautiful. I am so glad you have told me about this blog. I love writing and writing prompts! You definitely deserve the first place position with writing like this!

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