When I opened the door…

I present to you the latest Go Teen Writers prompt entry! This time I received two votes for Honorable Mention, so no points, but I still hold that second place position. Without further ado…

When I opened the door, I could hardly believe what I saw. I clutched the cabinet handle and rested my weight against the sink. All I wanted was to borrow my roommate’s toothpaste; I didn’t expect her to be hiding anything.

The pink + on the pregnancy test was clear, but how could it be true?

Footsteps echoed in the hallway and before I could will my paralyzed hand to shut the cabinet, she opened the bathroom door. I saw the reflection of surprise and horror on her face in the mirror.

“Swear you won’t tell a soul what you saw.” Her words only confirmed what I wanted to deny.


One Comment to “When I opened the door…”

  1. Another good one!

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