Return to Egypt

I never thought I’d come back, yet here I am. My brother Aaron stands with me before Ramses, who was also once my brother. Their piercing stares challenge each other to realize their true positions – the one a slave to Egypt, the other a slave to power.

“Great Pharaoh, the God of our fathers demands that you release Israel from bondage.”

“And why should I believe that your God has spoken this?”

I drop my stick and even before it touches the ground it begins to writhe and turn into a snake. Ramses remains unmoved.

“Quite impressive, Moses. So you ran away to the desert to become a magician?”

So…. I was chosen again on Go Teen Writers! This time, two judges gave me second place, which moves me up to the second place spot overall. Now, if I can just keep this up, I might actually win a prize at the end of the year!


One Comment to “Return to Egypt”

  1. Keep at it! You can do it!

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