Chosen again!

I placed again in the Go Teen Writers writing prompt contest! One judge selected my entry for first place, another for third place and the last judge gave me an honorable mention! So, without further ado…

When he heard the voice on the other end of the line, he knew he shouldn’t have answered the phone.

“David!” His wife’s voice sparkled like the ocean surrounding him. “I have spectacular news! I want to tell you face-to-face, so please bring the boat in early.” Her pitch swelled, implying a question.

“Beth, I don’t think…” the words drifted away. He stood up with the vague hope that assuming the posture of a strong sea captain would help him take command of the situation, but the unsteady roll of the deck only echoed the uneasiness that had tormented him for days.

“I won’t be coming home tonight.” His voice was as cold and bitter as seawater.

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2 Comments to “Chosen again!”

  1. Woo-eee! I want to read more!!

  2. Congratulations on placing again! Now I’m more curious about those books ideas you mentioned a while ago on Twitter! 🙂

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