Been away for a while

It wasn’t very long ago that my grandma brought me a newspaper clipping. “Calling All Arizona Artists!” Me, an artist? Sure, I play with paints and pencils. I like to think maybe I have an eye for design, but a real artist? Good enough to submit a couple creations to the Tucson Museum of Art with the possibility of being chosen for display?

Apparently my grandma thinks so. She believes in me enough to pay my entry fee.

So the past two weeks have been spent sketching, planning and painting. Sometimes more than 6 hours a day were committed to artistic expression.

I began with Prince Charming, the painting featuring 3-year-old Joshua giving a handful of wilted daisies to his grandmother (yes, I featured the kind benefactor who paid my fee). I was greatly encouraged when I showed Joshua and he recognized himself!

The second piece is entitled Today Life and Death is Set Before You. In it, a girl is faced with the reality that she holds the fate of not only the child that has been conceived unexpectedly, but the fate of anyone that child might come in contact with, if she is not aborted. Throughout the painting process, I would discover tears on my cheeks, thinking of all the women faced with the little pink +, and the fate of so many of the children known only as an +. So many have been aborted, and it is not only they that pay the consequences. Think of all the lives one person touches in a lifetime. How many lives would have been touched by those lives destroyed before birth?

In a month or so I’ll find out if either of my pieces were selected. I’ll be sure to post either way, along with digital images of the paintings.


2 Comments to “Been away for a while”

  1. Oh what an exciting opportunity! How sweet to have the support of your Grandmother. Cherish this experience 🙂

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