Naming Babies

From Vision Forum’s “Baby Conference”

*This is meant to whet your appetite, and to highlight some things that stood out to me, but not to be a complete summary of the session. If you have questions about the context of something I quote, please feel free to ask in the comments!*

Douglas Winston Philips presented this session. Perhaps you would like to know the names of his eight children: Joshua, Justice, Jubilee, Liberty, Faith Evangeline, Providence, Howard Honor, and Virginia.

Along with telling funny stories, highlighting interesting, and sometimes downright strange names, Mr. Philips emphasizes the importance of being purposeful in the choice of names.

After his daughter Liberty was born, he took his little four-year-old son, Justice, to the courthouse and read to him the words carved on the wall. “Justice is the defender of Liberty”. Now that his son is older, he understands the full meaning of those words, but in the meantime, they empowered him to be a strong protector of his little sister. Douglas Winston himself was named after two great men that his father admired. Even when he was young, he was told the stories of these men of vision and Mr. Philips is the man he is today because of this.

Now contrast that with another child who asks his mommy why she named him what she did. She answers that she simply liked the way it sounded. Now, while there is nothing wrong with liking the way a name sounds, that should not be the sole reason it is chosen.

So in summary, make your choices carefully, and make sure that you have a good reason for them, not only when selecting a name for a child, but in everything that you do.


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