How The Local Church Builds a Thriving Culture of Life

From Vision Forum’s “Baby Conference”

*This is meant to whet your appetite, and to highlight some things that stood out to me, but not to be a complete summary of the session. If you have questions about the context of something I quote, please feel free to ask in the comments!*

In this session, Scott Brown talks about the revival that is happening all across our nation.

He spoke of the revival of the love of children. This conference was an obvious illustration, and to further prove his point he said that when his son-in-law arrived for the conference, he requested a port-a-crib for his hotel room. The person at the desk informed him that all the port-a-cribs in all the hotels in the area were in use already!

He spoke of young men who are sober and therefore shame the silly. Young men who spend their time, money and energy on worthwhile pursuits like building a house instead of buying and playing video games. Why have they deprived themselves of play (gaming and sports)? Because Jeremiah didn’t do it. Moses didn’t do it. John the Baptist didn’t do it. And Jesus didn’t do it. On top of that, it’s not redeeming the time.

Mr. Brown encourages everyone to focus on doing things that are explicitly godly. He says that the main thing that characterizes the people of a reformation is that they say, “I delight to do Your will.”

True reformation only comes from God and the desire for His glory!


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