A sampling from Pennsylvania

The liberty bell

Independence hall

Ben Franklin’s grave

Our view from the bus driving into Pennsylvania Dutch country

Look! We did get to see beautiful fall leaves!

I had dinner at the home of an Amish family this afternoon, which almost didn’t happen. Would you believe today is a fasting holiday?? Hardly anyone was out in their fields, in the shops, or anywhere to be seen, really, although later in the day we saw them traveling to the homes of friends and family. They ride little scooters that look almost like bikes (no seats or pedals). One man had his baby in a basket in the front! Of course, I couldn’t take a picture of them, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Got to go to bed now, as we have an early day tomorrow!


3 Comments to “A sampling from Pennsylvania”

  1. Pastor Steve preached on fasting yesterday and told us how he worked as a waiter at the best Italian restaurant in New York while he was fasting to show God how serious he really was. So I guess you can prepare and serve food and just not eat!

    We watched Drive Through History Philadelphia today and saw these 3 things–way cool to show the boys your pictures on the same day!!

  2. So glad you are able to share these with us while you are on your trip. Praying you enjoy it and have safe travels and good weather throughout!

    Love you!


  3. Sounds like s wonderful trip!

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