Tucson barn Dance 2010

I wasn’t supposed to go to this year’s barn dance, but I ended up being able to attend the first hour and a half with the rest of my family (except the boys, who are too young).  I’ve attended every year and Colonel Scott convinced me to keep up my perfect attendance score 😉  I’m certainly glad I did!

Moriah wore the dress I wore to last year’s Barn Dance and I wore my newest outfit.  It was very comfortable to dance in.  The armholes are a bit tight, but I do have full range of motion, without fear of ripping out the seam!

Moriah helped with my hair (the curls really had minds of their own!)

These two were the cutest couple there.  The young gentleman was dressed as a union soldier (the only young man to dress historically, I believe).

Here you can see the front of his outfit.

I taught daddy to waltz…

Bethany and her “twin”  😉  These three (as well as the middle one’s older sister) really connected that night–even before they found out that we’d be staying with them for the American Heritage Festival!  (We’re glad they get along)

I was asked about the pineapple… It’s for the pinapple dance, of course! 😉
In the pinapple dance there are three chairs, as you can see. Three people sit down in them and the rest line up forming “long lines” (for those of you who know dance terminology), but not necessarily couples. When the music starts, the person in the center, holding the pineapple, hands it to one of the people on either side and sasheés down the center with the other. The person who now has the pineapple now moves to the center, taking their places at the ends of the lines. Two new people from the lines take the empty seats. Say, for example, a young man has the pineapple and there is a young lady to his left and another man to his right. He, of course, hands the pineapple to the man and takes the lady down the center. This goes on and on, but like musical chairs, when the music finally stops, the person left with the pineapple keeps it!

Rumor has it that the pineapple dance was designed so that the host could provide an exotic party favor without having to buy one for every guest.


2 Comments to “Tucson barn Dance 2010”

  1. Cute pix!! What’s with the pineapple???

  2. You all look so beautiful – well except for the dad. Miss seeing you all in person.

    Ronda Caballero

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