Narnian costumes

These are the costumes we put together to wear to an exhibit that we attended on Phoenix a while back. My costume (the black one) was actually made for my 16th birthday, and I took inspiration for it from the same time period as the costumer for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie. It consists of a green-gray silk underdress and a black silk overdress with elastic shirring (obviously historically inaccurate, but I did say inspired!).
Moriah, in the red and yellow dress, made hers (with my help) using the S&S girls’ regency dress pattern.
Bethany’s pink dress was made in under 48 hours. We realized she didn’t have anything particularly narnian while we were scanning the narniaweb costume site. When I saw the dress Lucy wears for King Caspian’s coronation, I knew that I could easily recreate it with supplies I had on hand. I quickly looked for images of the embroidery and cut out, sewed, embroidered and appliqued like a crazy woman! Amazingly, I didn’t even have to finish anything on the drive up.

Technically, I suppose none of our costumes are really Narnian inspired, because even Lucy’s dress is Telmarine! But we had fun nonetheless.


3 Comments to “Narnian costumes”

  1. You girls are amazing. Thank-you for sharing.

  2. gowns are looking smart…hmmmm

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