In search of opinions

This is an envelope/card set that I designed. I’m going to make some others with quotes from books other than the Bible as well. How do you like it? Please give me your honest opinion and constructive criticism! Some things that I would like to know: Do you think this design is marketable? Would you buy it? If so, what kind of price range do you think is acceptable? Any particularly favorite quotes that you might like to see on them?


4 Comments to “In search of opinions”

  1. I think they’re adorable! I love that you are doing your own writing – so unique. I would buy them, 6 in a set, all different would be nice. Since I’m cheap I would pay about $3.50. Better yet, my birthday is coming!!!

  2. They’re beautiful, Jordan! 🙂 I would probably purchase like to purchase a set of 10 for $7. They’re pretty, unique and really wonderful! 🙂 Favorite quotes? I think any Bible scripture would look nice as would any quotes about being feminine, a homemaker, etc.

    Lovely idea! I hope they sell!


  3. Those are lovely, Jordan! I love how you decorated the matching envelope! Beautiful!

    I’ve seen handmade cards sold more expensively than some manufactured cards, but those usually have the added expense of a photograph or pressed flowers or yarn. For these, I could see a set of six different cards sold for $9-$12 but I don’t imagine they would be very marketable at that price. I would pay $5-$7 for a set. They’re lovely, affordable, and much more personal than a store-bought card!

  4. Those are beautiful! I agree with MeMa…and my birthday is coming later…tee hee.

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