Jesus was a reenactor…

…but historical accuracy was not His prime directive.

Have you ever noticed that Jesus’ life on earth closely mirrors Israel’s history as told in the Old Testament? A couple months ago our pastor pointed this out. One of the first most noticable events is when Jesus goes to Egypt as a baby/young child. In Mathew’s gospel account he quotes Hosea 11:1 (“…out of Egypt I called my son”), which clearly is referring to Israel (the first part of the verse says “when Israel was a child, I loved him…”). Since we know that both the Old Testament and New testament are inspired documents, this cannot be a case of taking a verse out of context.
As we continue to read we come to Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan – the same river that was crossed by the Israelites in order to enter the promised land. It is important to note here that God was pleased with His Son, unlike Israel.
Jesus reenacted the history of Israel, but He was purposefully historically inaccurate. You see, Jesus took everything that Israel did wrong and did it right. He came to succeed where Israel failed.

*note* I have hardly scratched the surface of the events that Jesus reenacted from Israel’s history. I wonder how many of my readers can come up with more… (yes, this is a challenge – I want to compile a list in the comment section!)


One Comment to “Jesus was a reenactor…”

  1. Wow! That is something that I had never seen before! Our God is so awe-some, He never ceases to amaze me with the greatness of His plans!

    Wonderful post, Jordan! Thanks so much for sharing that! I will have to persue this in my Bible reading.

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