As a 19-year old in the mid-1700s, Jonathan Edwards became serious about the direction of his life. He began to understand the nature of God, and what he discovered was both delightful and disturbing. The more he investigated the infinite tributaries of God’s nature, the more he unearthed his own sinfulness. From then on, the weight of God’s glory became the gravity of his life. He was compelled to respond.

So he sat down with a quill and paper and wrote out a series of commitments. These were simple statements, conclusions, and commitments forged in the immensity of God and the trauma of His holiness. All of them began with the same word—”Resolved”.

Pastor Logan Mann, our college pastor, read from Edward’s 70 resolutions today during his sermon. It’s amazing to hear what the goals of this young man were, and it’s not hard to imagine why he was so very successful in his life. I’d encourage you to read his resolutions, if you can find them.

The quote above is taken from the resolved conference website. On this website you can listen to every presentation from the past 6 conferences. I originally visited the website to listen to C.J.Mahaney’s message on Jude (the final message given at the 2010 conference), but I’m now working through the other messages archived there.

I strongly encourage every person who reads this to go there and listen to at least one message. Then come back here and let me know what you think! If you’d rather not post it as a comment for the whole world to see, just let me know and I won’t publish it, but I’d still like to heart from you!


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