Finally I have pictures! Daniel and Joshua had quite a nice time. There’s more information about their outfits in my portfolio.

I love reenactments because I love being able to re-create history. The best part, though is seeing good friends! Elizabeth and I met through reenacting (on the internet!) and we rarely see each other except at We Make History events.

Elizabeth is the resident hair fairy (did you know she has an international hair blog?? She just did a post about her signature Civil War Ball ‘do.)

Moriah was a part of the “Ladies’ Militia” along with these other ladies. you can see them drilling with the men below.

We played period games, including a version of link tag (above). The reenactors taught the spectators the game and invited them to join in. This picture also gives you an idea of how many people attended this event!

I invited some of the younger children to play “Leg ‘O Mutton”. It basically involves counting to 9. Yep, that’s about it! It’s amazing how long they were entertained by it.

We also played a couple games sitting in a circle on the grass. Here we’re doing a clapping rhyme (“down by the banks of the Mississippi…”). We also played “who’s got the button” for quite a while.

This was a funny incident… Union soldier, Private Barret tries in vain to enforce martial law. I convinced Private Barret to come up from Tucson and boy, it just wouldn’t have been the same without him! Rumor has it he was the one to set fire to Prescott not too long ago… 😉

I could go on and on, but really haven’t the time… *sigh* it was a wonderful experience. One that I hope to repeat next year with more of you! If you haven’t gotten enough, check these out! If nothing else, click the link just to see the great picture of Moriah at the top of the page!!


2 Comments to “Payson!”

  1. Thanks for posting the pictures! The boys look cute, of course. 🙂 Looks like you all had loads of fun!!


  2. It looks like SO much fun!!!

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