your next clue…


My business has something to do with horses!

Any more guesses?

*more clues in the comments*


17 Comments to “your next clue…”

  1. Oh, Jordan, I don’t know! Horses? Are you interacting with them in any way??

  2. No interaction… in fact I haven’t even seen a horse in person since January.

  3. You’re entering some sort of contest that includes horses?

  4. Good guess, but no. In a way I’ve already “won”. (but that probably just confuses you even more.

    Hmmm… another clue?
    My childhood best friend’s mother inspired me. She did this and I though it was amazing. I’ve always wanted to, but didn’t think I ever could.


  5. Could you perhaps be preparing for a reenactment? I’m really not sure. 🙂 Your last part about “in a way I’ve already “won”” confuses me… 🙂


  6. This is more fun than I thought it would be 🙂

    No, it’s not reenactment-related. I was going to say it doesn’t have anything to do with history, but that wouldn’t really be true…

    Perhaps another clue would be helpful:
    I’m doing the bulk of the work from my desk.

    Is that helpful, or not?


  7. Are you writing an article of some sort?

  8. You’re kind of getting closer. This is bigger than an article, though. And I’m not the one doing the writing. Hmm, maybe I’ve given away too much now.


  9. Are you editing something for someone?

  10. I’m sorry, no more guesses, since I already know what it is 🙂 Sonja? Any ideas? 🙂

  11. Does this involve drawing or painting?

  12. Mikala~you’re such a tease. You didn’t even figure it out! (It was your mom)

    Risa~Yep 🙂 btw you hit it on the nose, I just edited it out of your comment so it wouldn’t give it away to others.

    ps another “little people” post is coming!

  13. Sorry Mikala and Jordan. I don’t mean to let you all down, but I’m a terrible guesser and would rather know what the activity/project is than guess. 🙂 But to be a good sport I suppose I must… *thinks hard*




    Could it perhaps be part of a book about horses?

    I’m really not sure. Like I’ve said before I’m a horrible guesser, but I’ve given it my best shot and would rather just know what it is. 😀

    Couldn’t you just tell, Jordan?



  14. Well…


    I’d tell you what it is…

    Except that…






    (so much for being a terrible guesser 😉

    Yes indeed, it is a part of a horse book. And deducting from Risa’s comment you should figure out that it would be illustrating said horse book! I’m terribly excited about the whole thing. I hope ya’ll had fun with a guessing process. (I wasn’t gonna hold out on you too long!) There’ll be a whole post about it soon, hopefully with some pictures!


  15. The secret is out! Great job, everyone! (which doesn’t include me, I guess, since my mom supposedly guessed it…WE GUESSED IT AT THE SAME TIME, REMEMBER?)

  16. Oh, yeah, sorry Mikala 😉

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