Do what you can

Living with young children can be difficult, but it can be enlightening too. This morning, my 5-year-old brother, who shares my room, was told to make his bed. He looked despairingly at the seemingly insurmountable task. Try as he might, he still cannot straighten the big heavy quilt that covers the bed, and knowing that he says, “I can’t make my bed.” Now, the truth is, every day whoever happens to be assisting him with his chores asks him to simply do what he can. Today was no different. He put his pillows where they belonged, stuffed his pjs under them and arranged his stuffed animals. Then Bethany pulled the quilt over everything. He did what he could, no more and no less. That’s exactly what we ask of him.

In the same way, God just asks us to do what we can. No more, and no less. While He never asks us to do what we cannot, He may ask us to do more than we think we can. However, anything that seems insurmountable for us, He gives us the strength and ability to accomplish. Just as Bethany empowered Daniel by assisting him with what was too difficult, God enables us to do “all things through Christ who strengthens” us.


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