New Mexico trip

December 23 I left with my very good friend Jennifer, her 2-year-old niece and her 2 goats (Shortening and Duchess). After driving for 9 hours (much of it through snow), we arrived at Jennifer’s very good friend MaRae’s house. MaRae and her husband have twin 5-year-old boys, a 2-year-old boy and are expecting a new one next spring. They live on a ranch in the middle of nowhere with lots of cows, a few horses, a couple of ducks, quite a few chickens, and two more of Jennifer’s goats. We spent a very full 12 days making quilts (we nearly finished a King and two twins), cooking meals (Rotten Celery soup, Dutch Baby pancakes, Acorn Squash pie, Cow heart, tongue and neck glands–called sweet breads which is much more appetizing), butchering chickens (I plucked 6 of the 7 and boy was that chicken dinner good!), and playing with the little boys. It was great fun and so hard to leave, but eventually we needed to. We loaded up the car with all our stuff and four goats (yes, the return trip was twice as stinky!) and tearfully said goodbye. The adventure was not over, however. We still had to make it through a border patrol check.

Border Patrolman to Jennifer: “You a US citizen ma’am” *nod*
Then turning to me: “And you.” *nod*
Peeking into back: “And I see you have a little one back there… and… some goats!”
Border Patrolman cracks a smile and waves us on. 😉

Click the thumbnails below to see bigger pics!

1) plucking one of the chickens

2) Elisabeth and the ducks

3) Elisabeth and the freshly milked Shortening

4) Myself in the snow

5) Jennifer and Elisabeth cooking up something delicious

6) The thermometer the morning we left–it was pretty warm at 35 degrees!

7) The view from the driveway.  It looked like this in every direction unless you were facing the house or the barn.


One Comment to “New Mexico trip”

  1. Great pictures! I’m glad your trip went well and you were able to help out. 🙂


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